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The CAL Fall 2022 Judged Show "Best Of" awards were presented at the CAL General Meeting on November 5, by Judge Linda Dumas.  All the winners' artworks are shown below in random order.  "Best Of" are shown here."

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  • VHS-A, Best High School, Personal Space, Hannah Bennett
  • VES-H, Best Elementary School, Splattered Love, Sloane Scheferman, $50
  • I-B, Best Landscape, By the Pond, Cynthia Reid
  • IA, Best Floral, Dancing in the Rain, Lois Blackburne
  • VMS-J, 1st, A Bunny and a Carrot, Natalie Snow
  • VMS-G, Best Middle School, In Love With Nature, Natalie Snoe
  • VMS-G, 2nd, Strawberry Snake, Natalie Snow
  • VMS-G, 1st, Rising from the Earth, Natalie Snow
  • VMS-D, 1st, Dotted Dragon, Natalie Snow
  • VMS-B, 1st, Whimsy, Caileigh Nicks
  • VMS-A, 1st, Best Day, Corrie Markham, $50
  • VHS-I, 1st, Pancake Pot, Hannah Bennett
  • VHS-A, 1st, A Bookish Reality, Evelyn Basaldua
  • VES-E, 2nd, Mom's Favorite Flower, Johnny Chaney, $50
  • VES-E, 1st, Best Treasure Chest, Nora Chaney, $100
  • VES-B, 2nd, Merry Mermaid, Nora Chaney
  • VES-B, 1st, Baby Sharks, Johnny Chaney, $50
  • VES-A, 1st, Sea Line, Sloane Scheferman, $50
  • IV-F, 1st, Sunset Reflections, Rod McDougall, $300
  • IV-F, 3rd, Water Lily, Rod McDougall, $300
  • IV-F, 2nd, Reflections, Rod McDougall, $300
  • IV-A, 1st, La Fontaine Orange by Virginia Box, $4,500
  • IIIH, 1st, Threads of Illusion II, Katy Scheferman, $1,500
  • IIIG, 2nd, Secret Garden, Jana Pirtle
  • IIIG, 1st, Smilodon, Krystal Baldwin
  • IIIF, HM, Poppies, Ferdinand Cribbs
  • IIIF, 1HM, Over the Hill We Go, John Small, $200
  • IIIF, 3rd, No Trespassing on Ice, Ferdinand Cribbs
  • IIIF, 2nd, Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler, John Small, $200
  • IIIF, 1st, Budapest Sunset, Ferdinand Cribbs
  • IIIE, 2nd, I See You, Martha Ezell, $500
  • IIIE, 1st, Fault Lines, Elizabeth Clemson
  • IIID, 1st, Bits and Bobs Medusa, Elizabeth Clemson
  • IIIB, 2nd, Conures, Todd Blomerth, $200
  • IIIB, 1st, The Glance, Todd Blomerth
  • IIIA, 3rd, White Calla Lilly, Diane Williams, $225
  • IIIA, 2nd, Orange City Blue, Diane Williams, $350
  • IIIA, 1st, Purple Delight, Charman Clevenger
  • IIJ, 1HM, Pinwheel Plate, Loraine Tomon, $150
  • IIJ, 3rd, Quilted Twisted Sisters, Carol Roach, $600
  • IIJ, 2nd, Floral Surprise, Loraine Tomon, $695
  • IIJ, 1st, Be Jeweled Goblet, David Bartell
  • II-I, 1st, Pretty Quilted Kitty, Carol Roach, $300
  • II-H, 1HM, New Orleans Air Vent, Terri Sanders
  • II-H, 3rd, Old Chair, Terri Sanders
  • II-H, 2nd, Tunnel Entrance, Terri Sanders
  • IIH, 1st, Morning Cup, Kathy Wortham, $272
  • IIF, 2nd, Trees in front of the Rice Faculty House, Norman Gabitzsch, $150
  • IIF, 1st, James Turrell Twilight Epiphany Skyspace, Norman Gabitzsch, $135
  • IIE, 2nd, Stone Flowers, Terri Sanders
  • IIE, 1st, Collecting Nature, Terri Sanders
  • IID, 1st, Noise, Jeffery Lung, $115
  • IIA, Best of Show, This Little Light of Mine, Debra Riley
  • IIA, HM, Mirror Mirror (Diptych), Kelly Hrad, $5,295
  • IIA, 1HM, Farm House, Fuku Murphy, $350
  • IIA, 3rd, The Tempest, Carol Scheferman, $500
  • IIA, 2nd, Souvenirs of Summer, Debra Riley
  • IIA, 1st, Grace's Bouquet, Debra Riley
  • I-I, 1st, Reflecting God's Grace - Harry Carpenter, $1,800
  • IH, HM, Pink House, Brenda McDougal, $900
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