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How To Show In The Gallery

Rules / Guidelines

Submitting and Fees

In order to exhibit in the gallery you must be a member of Conroe Art League. CAL artists may submit up to three (3) entries unless otherwise specified. A non-refundable fee of $10 per piece and one docent shift is required for each piece. We hang a new show each month. Art take-in and take- out is generally held the first Tuesday of the month from 10:30 - 4:00 on Tuesday. Check the calendar on the website to confirm the exact dates.

Any piece of artwork may be exhibited only one time per year.

All artists exhibiting their work in the gallery must also sign up for one docent shift per piece per month.  Artists who are unable to work the shift that they signed up for must find a substitute and notify the Docent Coordinator. If the artist is unable to find a substitute, a call is put out to all docents to fill that shift and the artist who was unable to work must then sign up for another shift.

Framing and Hanging

Frames must be tidy, durable, suitable for the painting, and hung with wire. Saw tooth hangers are not acceptable. Glass or Plexiglas may be used. Unframed gallery-wrapped canvases should be painted on the edges and hung with wire. No wet work will be accepted. No cardboard backing. Preference is acid-free backing with dust cover. All artwork should be labeled on the back with artist’s name, contact information, and medium.

The Hanging Team, reporting to the Vice President, is responsible for determining the appropriateness, quality, and content of all work submitted for display.  Their selections are final.  All artists are asked to respect the process to display a well-balanced and artistically superior exhibit. Only the Hanging Committee may move or replace artwork in the exhibits. The artwork size, weight, and display requirements are considered for the safety of our members and guests, and must not cause damage to our facility. All artwork must hang for the duration of the exhibit, unless sold, and a 20% commission to CAL will be deducted from the sell price. Artist are expected to honor the commission on sales and not make arrangements to sell outside the gallery at the end of the exhibit.

Artwork Rules

Preferably recently painted or created within the last two years. No copies of other artists’ work, unless it is a painted copy of a 100+ year old artwork. It must be clearly marked as a copy and include the original artist’s name and title of the original piece. No giclees or prints of originals are acceptable for hanging, but may be available for sale in bins. Computer-generated art printed upon a suitable substrate is acceptable and must comply with all other guidelines. Subject matter must be family friendly.

3-D Art Requirements

Maximum size is 30 inches wide by 30 inches deep by 48 inches high.

Maximum weight 40 pounds

Must fit on CAL's table by the windows or one of our podiums.

Jewelry Requirements

Entry fees are charged based on display space division and availability. The fee is typically $5 per shelf (with 3 shelves maximum per artist except when in high demand, then shelves will be limited to two maximum) and one docent shift.


CAL will deduct a commission of 20% from all sales of artwork. CAL will collect applicable sales tax and remit to the state. Artists will be paid for sold pieces within two weeks after the close of the exhibit. Selling artists may replace their artwork with another piece within 5 days.


CAL is not held liable for loss or damage due to: theft, fire, natural disaster, either before or during the exhibition and until the piece is returned to the artist

Bins and Greeting Cards

Take In / Out will be the same as for hanging / 3D Art and jewelry Artist may have up to 10 pieces in the bins and /or 10 packages of cards in the cardholders. Prints / Original flat art is to be in clear envelopes, with the Artist Name, Title of the piece, Price and an Inventory number. Prints on stretched canvas are not allowed in the bins due to space considerations. Each artist is to complete a Registration form, available at Take In. The artist must list name, title, price, contact information and inventory number. There is no charge for use of the bins / cardholders, however a monthly docent shift is required and artist must be a member of CAL. Artist will be asked to remove art if unable to serve as docent. CAL will collect the Sales Tax of 8.25% on all purchases at the time of sale. CAL will retain a 20% commission for each item sold. Artist can expect to be paid for items sold within two (2) weeks of Take Out. Inventory sheets will be kept in alphabetical order by artist name in the Bin / Cardholder binder. Docents are requested to mark the sold items. Any questions should be addressed to the jewelry take-in coordinator.

Exhibiting artists are expected to attend the Artist Reception to meet our patrons and guests. Receptions are generally held on the Saturday following take in from 6-8 pm. CAL's general meeting begins at 4:00pm on the same day as the reception, followed with an artist demo from 5-6pm.  You are encouraged to invite your family and friends. Check the CAL calendar for exact dates.

Art Registration Form

Click on the link below to download the Art Registration Form. Print out, complete and bring it with your art pieces to Art Take In.

DOWNLOAD FORM HERE:   Art Registration and Volunteer Form 012220.pdf

CAL Application Forms

Holding a Mini Show

A group of up to five artists may request to have a Mini Show in the Gallery for up to seven days. All participating artists must be a member in good standing with CAL and must have shown pieces in the gallery in the past year. To read more about the Mini Show requirements and apply please click the link below to download the application.

Mini Show Application Form

Feature Artist Wall

An individual artist may request to display their work on our Feature Wall for a month long show. To learn more about the Feature Wall requirements and apply please click the link below to download the application.

Feature Wall Application Form

Panel & Grid Rental

CAL offers for rental its inventory of panels and grids. There are currently forty-eight panels and forty-three grids. A CAL member, in good standing, may rent any or all of the panels and grids for the member’s personal use. A CAL member, in good standing, may rent any or all of the panels and grids on behalf of an individual or organization that is not related to CAL.

Rental fee is $5.00/panel and/or grid up to a maximum rental of $150.  While the rental fee is not a per day fee, the board, at its discretion, may modify the rental period. The deposit is $100.00 and will be returned to the member upon the return in good condition of the panels/grids. Payment is by check or credit/debit card.

No panel/grid rental will be approved if the date(s) requested conflicts with the quantity needed for a CAL show or exhibition.  It is the member’s responsibility to check the CAL calendar. The rental has to be returned (two) days prior to a scheduled CAL show or exhibition in which there is need for the inventory, or if there is no need by the gallery, returned within (three) days of the end of the rental event.

The member is responsible for removal from the gallery, delivery to the place of use, and the return to the gallery. Panels are stored upstairs in the classroom. Grids are stored beneath the courtyard stairway. If access to the gallery is required outside of the gallery’s hours, the member is to coordinate with the Chair, Building Management.

To request rental of the Panels and/or Grids, please click the link below to download the and complete the application.

Panel/Grid Rental Application Form

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