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Update on the Gallery


The August monthly members show is on display from 5 August through 29 August. Take-in and take-out for the September members show will occur on 31 August and 1 September.

The Fall Judged Show scheduled for 26 September is cancelled. The board made this decision at its July meeting based on continued uncertainties about direction of the Covid-19 pandemic. In place of a physical show, the board considered the possibility of having a virtual show.  While we have the capability to do that (based on our recent successful completion of the virtual 2020 Student Show), what we don’t know is if the winners of a virtual show would qualify for the Lone Star Art Guild’s annual 2021 show (currently scheduled for May, 2021). What we do know from the LSAG site is that the next convention will include qualified winners from the 19-20 art year as well as from the 20-21 art year.  This means that if you qualified in CAL’s Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 Judged shows, you are qualified for LSAG’s 2021 Convention. We have not cancelled the Spring Judged Show scheduled for March, 2021, and if that show takes place, you will have had three opportunities to qualify in three CAL shows for the 2021 LSAG Convention Show.  George Bramlett, Chair of Shows & Exhibitions, is to inquire of LSAG about the qualifying merits of a virtual show, and the board’s consideration of a virtual Fall (or even Spring) Judged Show is dependent on the information George reports to the board. 

Now, this can be reported without qualification: George Kapacinskas’s entry in the July members show Squall Recovery won the People’s Choice award (and a check for $400). Congratulations, George, on a dynamic piece. The painting will be on display in the gallery in August. George and his wife, Barbara, are new members. Please find an opportunity to meet them both and to hear the inspiring story behind the painting.  The winner of the August People’s Choice Award will also be the winner of the Banner award (provided the artist has not won the Banner award in the last year).  

Sip, Shop and Stroll was to be a monthly event on the last Thursday of the month through October.  Surges in Covid-19, however, caused the governor to issue Executive Order 39 stating new and renewed restrictions on businesses, and the downtown merchants coordinating the event suspended it. As of this Update, there is no word when the event may be resurrected, if at all. I thought it a successful night (twelve visitors to the gallery), and CAL would participate again, given the opportunity.  

Classes are back! Are you enrolled? Enhance your current skills or learn a new one. Enroll now. 

There are multiple reasons to visit the gallery in August:

  • Pick up your current work displayed in the July show,

  • Register, pay and sign up for a docent shift (all conveniently completed on line) and deliver your piece for the August show,

  • View the monthly members show,

  • View the July People’s Choice award, 

  • Vote for the August People’s Choice Award and the Banner Award,

  • Sit in the courtyard and enjoy a cup of coffee,

  • Participate in a class or workshop,

  • Join a group that is meeting in the gallery, or outside of the gallery for that matter. Check the calendar for active groups. I know for one that the figure drawing group will not meet in August. Look for the group to return in September. 

  • Take a chance that when you visit, you’ll see a longtime friend that you’ve not seen in a few months, and you can catch up, or even, just talk art,

  • Volunteer for a docent shift even if you are not entering a work. There’s no rule that says you can’t. 

  • On the first Thursday come see Ed Gorman who will show you how to work your camera and take better photographs. Ed shares his time and knowledge at no charge. How about that. 

Ken Roy, President

Stay Safe.  Stay Creative.

Create, Appreciate, Learn

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