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The name of this club shall be the Conroe Art League.


The purposes of the Conroe Art League are: To promote fellowship with other artists who are endeavoring to express their aesthetic ideas through the arts; to give its members, through the demonstration and constructive criticism by other artists, the advantages of seeing and comparing their work with that of noted artists in the area.  Conroe Art League is a non-profit corporation.  It seeks to promote and arouse a greater interest in art in all its forms.


Memberships in Conroe Art League is open to those individuals who appreciate art, create it, collect it or wish to encourage its advancement in our community.


Annual dues shall be collected with the rate determined by vote of the membership.  High School students or younger may become members at a reduced rate as determined by vote of the membership.  Your membership will be up for renewal on your anniversary date.


Conroe Art League shall maintain affiliation with the Lone Star Art Guild (LSAG) by paying a member fee by the due date set by LSAG. The CAL Treasurer shall send these dues to LSAG from the treasury.  As members of LSAG, at least three CAL representatives shall attend the fall and spring meetings to be scheduled by the President of the Guild. CAL members awarded ribbons for work entered in judged shows shall be eligible to compete in the Annual LSAG convention.   (Refer to Article VIII).


Meetings shall be held monthly and the board will set the dates. Meeting dates are subject to change if meeting dates should coincide with a holiday weekend.  Such changes will be announced in the club newsletter and email. Meetings shall include a brief period to conduct club business after which a guest artist shall present a demonstration.  Guest-demonstrating artists shall be paid from the club treasury.


Each year CAL will present a student fine arts award in recognition of outstanding talents, achievements and need.  The recipient of this award shall be selected from applications and presentations submitted to CAL by graduating senior art students from area high schools in Montgomery County. A panel appointed by the board of directors will judge the art.


There shall be at least two judged shows hosted by CAL each year, with at least one in the fall and one in the spring.  The club shall abide by the guidelines as set forth by the LSAG Exhibit Rules.  By doing so, ribbon winners of these shows shall be eligible to compete in the LSAG Convention held each May.  Judges for these shows shall be paid for their service from the CAL treasury.


At the February meeting, the President shall appoint a chairman for the nominating committee and two members shall be elected from the floor to serve on this committee.  The chairman of the nominating committee shall present the new slate of officers at the April meeting, at which time the election shall be held.  Nominations may be made from the floor and a membership vote shall be taken.  New officers shall be installed at the May meeting.  Vacancies occurring in the board of directors shall be filled by election by the board at the next meeting following the vacancy.  The nominating committee shall fill vacancies occurring among officers elected before they take office.


The officers of the league shall be:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Education/Training, Shows/Exhibitions, Building Management, Hospitality, Marketing/Communications, Membership, Docent Coordinator and Past President.

They shall operate as the executive board.  A quorum shall consist of a majority of the board of directors and shall be sufficient to conduct business. A majority vote of those present shall determine any action.  Special board meetings shall be held at the discretion of the president, or the vice president if the president is not present.



The president is to call the meeting to order at the appointed time, to preside at all meetings, to announce the business before the assembly in its proper order, to state and put all questions properly brought before the assembly, to preserve order and decorum, and to decide all questions of order (subject to appeal).  The president shall fill vacancies of special committees and appoint special committees or teams with approval of the board.  The president shall be ex-officio, a member of all committees except the nominating committee.

Vice President:

The vice-president shall assist the president when called upon, and shall preside in the absence of the president and accede to office of president in case of vacancy.  The Vice President shall assist board committees when necessary. The Vice President shall work with the President to create and maintain the CAL yearly calendar.

Education and Training:

The Chair of Education and Training will oversee and guide a team in planning, developing, supporting and evaluating the following areas:  Art Classes, Art Workshops, Monthly artistic demonstrations at membership meetings.  
The chair and team members shall meet regularly to communicate the current status of each program area and convey that information to the board.  The chair, when necessary, may appoint a team member to represent the chair at board meetings.

Shows and Exhibitions:

The Chair of Shows and Exhibitions will oversee a team in planning, developing, supporting and evaluating the following areas: Gallery exhibitions, the annual Student Show, and the Weekend Shows and Sales.  The team will meet regularly to plan, execute, and evaluate the current status of each program area and convey the information to the board.  The chair, when necessary, may appoint a team member to represent the chair at board meetings.   

Building Management:

The management team will be responsible for assuring that the Madeley building is maintained and functioning properly for all events and programs.  It will support all the teams by managing lighting, cleaning services, preparation for events, such as moving tables and chairs, maintaining the courtyard in conjunction with the docents and other duties as assigned.  The Chair may be assigned the duty of liaison to the city regarding building issues.  The chair, when necessary may appoint a team member to represent the chair at board meetings.

Marketing and Communications:  

The marketing team will be responsible for working closely with the membership to assure their communication needs are met.  The team will be responsible for overseeing all communications internally and externally, including membership email blasts and contribute information for the CAL web site, Facebook and newsletters. The marketing team shall send Gallery exhibit, events and reception information to the public and patrons via the newspaper, local magazines, online newspapers, social media, flyers and posters. The marketing chair shall work with the city of Conroe Convention and visitor Bureau and Chamber of Commerce. The chair shall work with the President on the CAL calendar for the upcoming year’s events. The chair when necessary may appoint a team member to represent the team at board or general meetings.


The membership team will be responsible for managing data pertaining to membership, including recruitment, orientation, and collection of dues, nametags, and membership directory and docent nametags.  The Membership Chair will ensure the new member email address is input into the CAL mail chimp newsletter database.

The team will work closely with the Marketing and Communications team to assure that printed materials are available for work with the membership.  The chair, when necessary, may appoint a team member to represent the chair at board meetings.


The docent team will maintain a well-trained group of members to operate The Madeley Gallery. Team leaders will recruit, train, and schedule docents for all periods of time the gallery is open.  Docents will be responsible for making sales, maintaining the appearance of the gallery, reporting to the board all issues that should be addressed by the board.  The chair, when necessary, may appoint a team member to represent the chair at board meetings.


The secretary shall keep an accurate record of all proceedings of the meetings of the league and of the Board of Directors in the minutes and have charge of all-important documents and papers of the league.  The secretary shall send whatever correspondence is necessary to the function of the league including thank you letters to donors and other duties as assigned by the president


The treasurer shall have custody of all funds; receive, collect and pay with approval of the Board of Directors.  The treasurer shall participate in development of the budget.  The treasurer handles all banking procedures and shall keep and accurate record of the league’s accounts.  He/she shall report to the members at each meeting, or upon request of the Board of Directors, the balance on hand, deposits, disbursements and additional corrections or deletions.  The treasurer is responsible for assuring that all tax issues and reports are properly handled.

Gallery Coordinator: 

The Gallery Coordinator will oversee the gallery and work directly with the president on shows and gallery functions.  The gallery coordinator will be in charge of emails and gallery communications. The Gallery coordinator term of office is not voted on by the general membership and will be appointed by the board.


The hospitality team shall organize events at the gallery for general meetings and receptions. The chair will consult with the President and Treasurer regarding the budget for each event. The chair will purchase items needed for the events.

Past President:

The Past-President if applicable, the past president will serve one year as parliamentarian to help in board transition.   

Board Terms:

Board term will be 2 years.  The terms will alternate so that half the board turns over each year. Starting with the 2016 elections the following board positions will have a 1-year term:  President, Docents, Education and Training, Marketing, Hospitality.  The rest of the board will have a 2-year term at the 2016 election. Then with future elections of officers all board each term will be for 2 years.


The by-laws may be amended by the membership at any regular business/membership meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members present. Notice of a change in bylaws must be given via email and posted on the web page http://www.conroeartleague.com 20 days prior to a vote.  Voting may be done by written proxy, or in person.


Should the Conroe Art League disband, the net amount of funds on hand in the treasury at that time shall be turned over to  a non-profit organization that is determined appropriate by the membership.

The Conroe Art League and its Board of directors maintain a Zero tolerance policy for any inappropriate sexual behavior toward any person on the premises. We also have a policy to not discriminate based on race or religion. Any member that experiences sexual harassment, or discrimination on these premises is feel free to make a complaint to the board of director's without risk of exposure or retribution of any kind.

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