Dear Members,

Your Executive Board is excited to introduce an opportunity for more of our artists to receive recognition at our monthly member shows.

We have outlined the changes below.


Every month of the year, except for March (International Show), you as an adult member will have the opportunity to win the Juan Cantavella Award of Excellence.  We have now included the month in which the 12x12 show hangs in the gallery.  In addition we will be awarding an Award of Distinction (2nd place) and an Award of Merit (third place).  

The Juan Cantavella Award of Excellence will receive the $400 cash prize.  The other two winners will receive a ribbon.  All three winners may display their winning piece of art in the gallery for the following month.

The voting process will remain unchanged.  Every person visiting the gallery during the month has the opportunity to vote for their favorite piece of art. 

A Juan Cantavella Award of Excellence may be given to the same adult member artist more than once, meaning the artist has the opportunity to win this award 11 times in a twelve month period.  However, an individual piece of art may only win this award one time.  If the winning piece is shown in the gallery at a later date when the Juan Cantavella Award competition is taking place, the piece will be labeled as a prior award winner and not eligible for a vote.  Winning the Juan Cantavella Award of Excellence now makes the artist eligible to win the banner award.



A banner winner will continue to be selected four times a year.  However, the winning art will be chosen from the monthly winners of the Juan Cantavella Award of Excellence.  The Board will engage a judge to select the art to receive the banner award.  The judge will not be a CAL member and the decision of the judge will be final.

This program starts with the current June 2022 Show.  The next banner will be chosen from the June, July, and August winners of the Juan Cantavella Award of Excellence.  

As in the past, the banner will not be awarded to the same artist more than once within a 12 month period.  Where you used to have only 4 opportunities to win the banner, you now have 11 opportunities to be in the running.  The artwork the judge chooses each quarter will be enlarged and displayed in the CAL courtyard for approximately 3 months or until the next banner winner is selected and the banner made.  When the banner comes down it is donated to the City of Conroe and displayed throughout the downtown Conroe area.  We currently have 6 banners hanging on the Owen Theatre in Downtown Conroe.

Banner awards will be announced at the September, December,  March and June general meetings.  September, December and March banner awards will each have three pieces in the running for the banner.  The June banner award will have two pieces in the running for the banner due to the CAL International being held in March.

We have so many great artists and we are excited to recognize more of our members on a regular basis.  Get busy, the next take-in is July 5th.  Spread the word to your friends and contacts, use your social media accounts, let's see if we can pack the gallery each month with visitors voting for their favorite art!

Your CAL Executive Board