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ENTRY DATES:  January 18, 2021 through 11:59am Sunday, March 7, 2021

CAL’s Spring 2021 Judged Show is a virtual show. Artist must upload an image of each artwork to the show. Judging is online.  Winners of 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place, 1st Honorable Mention, Best of Show, Best Landscape, Best Floral, and Best Student will be qualified to compete in the LSAG Convention Show on May 22, 2021 and are invited to hang in the CAL gallery in April 2021.

AWARDS: Cash awards or Gift Cards will be given to Best of Show, Best Floral, Best Landscape and Best Student.  Those amounts will be determined by the number of entries we have for the show.

JUDGE:  Arielle Masson from the Glassell School of Art.


Go to https://artist.callforentry.org/festivals_unique_info.php?ID=8446 

Applying is a three-stage process. ALL steps must be completed to submit. 

Step 1:  My Portfolio. Upload work samples.  If you have multiple pieces of artwork to enter, you should upload them all to your portfolio before applying to the Call; otherwise, you will have to set up additional personal profiles to enter additional pieces.

Step 2:  Apply to Calls. Search calls and apply. The link above takes you directly to CAL's Call.

Step 3: Checkout. Complete and checkout.


All artwork is to comply with Lone Star Art Guild (LSAG) show rules, which can be found at the link below:

http://www.lonestarartguild.org/, click on Shows, then Click Enter.

Please ensure your name does not appear on the image of your artwork. If you have already signed it, please hide signature with masking tape or other means when capturing the image.

Artwork must be original and may not have been painted on by any other person and must have been completed in the past 2 years.

Artist must comply with community standards as per LSAG rules

The CAL Spring 2021 Judged Show is open to all artists, but only paid members may participate in the LSAG Convention Show.  Non-members are listed in LSAG with a home league of NONE.  

Artists who with winning ribbons who wish to show in the CAL Gallery must be current paid members of Conroe Art League.  Click here to join: https://conroeartleague.com/Members/Join

Artwork does not have to be framed for the CAL Spring 2021 Judged Show because it is online only.  However, we request you submit  width, height and depth (including any frame that you may choose to use) rounded up to whole inches so that CAL's Membership Chair can key in ribbon winners to the LSAG database.

Once the artwork entry has been entered into the show, the information cannot be changed or revised. No substitutions of artwork can be made. Refunds cannot be given.

FEES for Artist over the age of 18 - $15 per entry

FEES for School Students up to 18 years of age are waived if they use coupon code STUDENT18 at checkout. Do not use this code if you are not a school student under 18.

Maximum 3 pieces per artist per category.  An artist may enter multiple division/categories for different pieces of artwork. Maximum 20 pieces of artwork per artist may be entered in this show.

DIVISION:    Artist division is based on your life experience with creating art, NOT your LSAG experience or newness to an art league.  Those with college degrees in art should consider Semi-Professional or Professional as an appropriate division. 

An artist may have only one Division. Artists must enter all artwork in the same division for this show. Artist’s Division is listed on the member’s CAL profile for CAL members.  Artist’s Division is required by the LSAG database.   Previous participants in LSAG shows can go to http://lsag.wspub.com to verify their division. 

Each artist decides the Category in which to place his or her work. The show chair reserves the right to disqualify any artwork not entered in the appropriate Category. The following Division/Category combinations are allowed in the CAL Spring 2021 Judged Show. 

I-PROFESSIONAL DIVISION:  Artist’s choice for this designation  (Please note:  If you are a professional artist making a living at selling your art, you will need to register as a professional.  If you are promoting yourself as a professional elsewhere or on your website, please be sure you are competing in the professional division as well.)

I-A (Div I-Professional, Cat A-Oil/Acrylic)

I-B (Div I-Professional/Cat B-Watercolor/Acrylic)

I-C (Div I-Professional/Cat C-Pastels)

I-D (Div I-Professional/Cat D-Drawing)

I-E (Div I-Professional/Cat E-Mixed Media)

I-F (Div I-Professional/Cat F-Photography)

I-G (Div I-Professional/Cat G-Digital Art)

I-H (Div I-Professional/Cat H- Abstract/Experimental/Non-Objective)

I-I (Div I-Professional/Cat I-Sculpture)

I-J (Div I-Professional/Cat J-Studio Fine Crafts)

II-SEMI-PROFESSIONAL DIVISION: Artist’s choice to move up

II-A (Div II-Semi-Professional, Cat A-Oil/Acrylic)

II-B (Div II-Semi-Professional/Cat B-Watercolor/Acrylic)

II-C (Div II-Semi-Professional/Cat C-Pastels)

II-D (Div II-Semi-Professional/Cat D-Drawing)

II-E (Div II-Semi-Professional/Cat E-Mixed Media)

II-F (Div II-Semi-Professional/Cat F-Photography)

II-G (Div II-Semi-Professional/Cat G-Digital Art)

II-H (Div II-Semi-Professional/Cat H- Abstract/Experimental/Non-Objective)

II-I (Div II-Semi-Professional/Cat I-Sculpture)

II-J (Div II-Semi-Professional/Cat J-Studio Fine Crafts)

III-NON-PROFESSIONAL DIVISION: Artist’s choice to move up

III-A (Div III-Non-Professional/Cat A-Oil/Acrylic)

III-B (Div III-Non-Professional/Cat B-Watercolor/Acrylic)

III-C (Div III-Non-Professional/Cat C-Pastels)

III-D (Div III-Non-Professional/Cat D-Drawing)

III-E (Div III-Non-Professional/Cat E-Mixed Media)

III-F (Div III-Non-Professional/Cat F-Photography)

III-G (Div III-Non-Professional/Cat G-Digital Art)

III-H (Div III-Non-Professional/Cat H- Abstract/Experimental/Non-Objective)

III-I (Div III-Non-Professional/Cat I-Sculpture)

III-J (Div III-Non-Professional/Cat J-Studio Fine Crafts)

IV-ADULT STUDENT DIVISION:  Adult who has created artwork for less than three years either through self-study or under the direction of an art teacher. The teacher may give any verbal assistance needed; however, the teacher may not physically work on the artwork to be entered in a show.  After 2 years of College Art (4 art courses) or 3 years as a self taught Adult Student, any LSAG member must enter the Non-Professional Division.  This is the only division where one is required to move up after a set time. If you are just starting out in LSAG, you do NOT automatically begin at this level.  A person who has been painting for 10 years is NOT qualified to be an Adult Student, for example. Those with college degrees in art should not begin at this level.  

IV-A (Div IV-Adult Student/Cat A-Oil/Acrylic)

IV-B (Div IV-Adult Student/Cat B-Watercolor/Acrylic)

IV-C (Div IV-Adult Student/Cat C-Pastels)

IV-D (Div IV-Adult Student/Cat D-Drawing)

IV-E (Div IV-Adult Student/Cat E-Mixed Media)

IV-F (Div IV-Adult Student/Cat F-Photography)

IV-G (Div IV-Adult Student/Cat G-Digital Art)

IV-H (Div IV-Adult Student/Cat H- Abstract/Experimental/Non-Objective)

IV-I (Div IV-Adult Student/Cat I-Sculpture)

IV-J (Div IV-Adult Student/Cat J-Studio Fine Crafts)

VES-ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENT DIVISION:  Any Elementary school student.  Homeschool students should register under the grade level the student would be in based upon their age equivalent, not skill level.  School students will be subdivided according to grade level:  K-5 = Elementary.

VES-A (Div VES-Elem School Student/Cat A-Oil/Acrylic)

VES-B (Div VES-Elem School Student/Cat B-Watercolor/Acrylic)

VES-C (Div VES-Elem School Student/Cat C-Pastels)

VES-D (Div VES-Elem School Student/Cat D-Drawing)

VES-E (Div VES-Elem School Student/Cat E-Mixed Media)

VES-F (Div VES-Elem School Student/Cat F-Photography)

VES-G (Div VES-Elem School Student/Cat G-Digital Art)

VES-H (Div VES-Elem School Student/Cat H- Abstract/Experimental/Non-Objective)

VES-I (Div VES-Elem School Student/Cat I-Sculpture)

VES-J (Div VES-Middle School Student/Cat J-Studio Fine Crafts)

VMS-MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT DIVISION:  Any Middle school student.  Homeschool students should register under the grade level the student would be in based upon their age equivalent, not skill level.  School students will be subdivided according to grade level:  6-8 = Middle School.

VMS-A (Div VMS-Middle School Student/Cat A-Oil/Acrylic)

VMS-B (Div VMS-Middle School Student/Cat B-Watercolor/Acrylic)

VMS-C (Div VMS-Middle School Student/Cat C-Pastels)

VMS-D (Div VMS-Middle School Student/Cat D-Drawing)

VMS-E (Div VMS-Middle School Student/Cat E-Mixed Media)

VMS-F (Div VMS-Middle School Student/Cat F-Photography)

VMS-G (Div VMS-Middle School Student/Cat G-Digital Art)

VMS-H (Div VMS-Middle School Student/Cat H- Abstract/Experimental/Non-Objective)

VMS-I (Div VMS-Middle School Student/Cat I-Sculpture)

VMS-J (Div VMS-Middle School Student/Cat J-Studio Fine Crafts)

VHS-HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT DIVISION:  Any High School student.  Homeschool students should register under the grade level the student would be in based upon their age equivalent, not skill level.  School students will be subdivided according to grade level:  9-12 = High School.


VHS-A (Div VHS-High School Student/Cat A-Oil/Acrylic)

VHS-B (Div VHS-High School Student/Cat B-Watercolor/Acrylic)

VHS-C (Div VHS-High School Student/Cat C-Pastels)

VHS-D (Div VHS-High School Student/Cat D-Drawing)

VHS-E (Div VHS-High School Student/Cat E-Mixed Media)

VHS-F (Div VHS-High School Student/Cat F-Photography)

VHS-G (Div VHS-High School Student/Cat G-Digital Art)

VHS-H (Div VHS-High School Student/Cat H- Abstract/Experimental/Non-Objective)

VHS-I (Div VHS-High School Student/Cat I-Sculpture)

VHS-J (Div VHS-High School Student/Cat J-Studio Fine Crafts)

We look forward to seeing your artwork.  

If you still have questions, you may contact Martha Ezell, Membership@ConroeArtLeague.com. Email communication is preferred.  


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